Full-service investor relations

You went public for a reason.

You want to maximize the value of your listing by achieving a fair and full valuation and ready to access to capital.

Our programs support these objectives. We help companies go to market with a clear and differentiated message, find the right audience for their story, and implement a high-quality ongoing communication plan.

Communicate with impact

With thousands of listed issuers and countless investment products, it’s harder than ever for companies to stand out. We understand how the investors and analysts think and we understand how to create impactful, well-told stories.

  • Corporate messaging
  • Investor presentations
  • Investor fact sheets
  • Comprehensive quarterly earnings support including scripting and Q&A prep
  • Financial and operational press releases
  • IR website content & messaging

Connect with the Street

We leverage our deep relationships, networks, and knowledge of the capital markets to expand the audience for our clients.

  • 12-month IR marketing plan
  • Non-deal roadshows
  • Sell-side analyst outreach
  • Investor targeting and outreach
  • Analyst days and high-value investor events
  • Financial media
  • Proprietary LodeRock events

Act on insight

What do investors think of our strategy? Who is buying our stock? We provide qualitative and quantitative market intelligence that enables our clients to make better-informed decisions.

  • Roadshow feedback
  • Perception studies
  • Quarterly Board packages
  • Trading reports
  • Ownership tracking and analysis
  • Detailed consensus reporting
  • IR program reporting

We understand that companies sometimes face unique challenges and special situations. We have helped companies navigate nearly every situation – good and bad – and we will tap into the collective expertise of our group to deliver the best advice and execution for our clients.

  • IR strategy development
  • Crisis/issues management
  • Guidance strategy and expectations management
  • Capital markets strategy

Comprehensive IPO preparation

IPOs can be grueling.

Fifteen days on the road, eight meetings a day. Where multi-million-dollar decisions are made in 45 minutes. Bankers, lawyers, strangers – everyone telling you what to say.

At the same time this is an exhilarating time for your company. New shareholders. New capital to grow.

Working with the underwriting syndicate, we help companies come to market with a compelling, clearly differentiated story, high-quality material, and a flawlessly prepared management team.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Key messaging and presentation development
  • Q&A development
  • Rehearsal training
  • Script development
  • Analyst teach-in presentations and preparation
  • Syndicate advisory
  • Online roadshow
  • Prospectus graphics
  • Roadshow logistics
  • Group meeting management

Special situations/transaction communication

With our collective experience on the Street – as IR professionals, analysts and money managers – we have been involved in almost every situation a public company could face: multi-billion-dollar acquisitions, failed clinical trials, hostile takeovers, and wholesale executive changes, to name a few. Regardless of the situation, well-planned, strategic communication is an imperative. Our team will develop and execute a communication plan to advance our clients’ objectives and win support for their position.

  • M&A communication
  • Shareholder activism
  • Hostile takeover attempts
  • Short-seller attacks
  • Restructuring communication
  • Executive and Board changes

Strategic design


We’re innately curious and genuinely interested in initiative and enterprise. We want to know what makes your company special, how you compete, your growth strategy and other critical milestones and competitive advantages.

Our primary focus is helping our clients to optimize the impact of their financial and other related corporate communication.

We approach every project with the same objectives: distill the right information and transfer that information rapidly to create high recall, and for over 20 years, we’ve helped our clients create high-impact materials and stand out in the capital markets.


We anchor every project with our proprietary ‘WWWPTR’ – the ‘What We Want People to Remember’ after you’ve left the room.

We design with a purpose – meeting your strategic objectives.

We start with questions – understanding your company and your goals.

When we are finished exploring, we get to work – making sure we have the right content, in the right flow.

  • Annual and Quarterly Reporting
  • Sustainability and ESG Reports
  • Investor Presentations
  • Digital Marketing Materials
  • Corporate Branding and Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Corporate Video and Animation
  • Conference Displays and Support Materials
  • Live Event Logistics and Onsite Management

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Communication

Do investors properly value your sustainability efforts?

Does your investor narrative reflect your sustainability strategy?

How are investors measuring your ESG progress?

LodeRock is the most experienced capital markets communication firm in Canada. As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations continue to gain importance with investors, a company’s equity story, performance metrics and disclosure practices will need to better reflect its strategy and progress on ESG. This is advice LodeRock has been giving issuers for nearly two decades.

Now more than ever, issuers must include new narratives and performance metrics – ones that convey its ESG practices and reveal its most material ESG factors. Even if a company isn’t explicitly telling its ESG story, investors will still form an opinion. Companies are well served when they own their ESG narrative and view it as a core part of their equity story.

Our team will advise on strategies to enhance your governance and ESG disclosure practices and create an investor program that drives stakeholder engagement, ensuring that companies capitalize on the full value of their ESG efforts.

Our services include:

  • Interpret sector specific ESG landscape and peer analysis
  • Gain insight into stakeholder ESG perceptions and factors
  • Establish proprietary, material ESG factors and metrics
  • Develop strategic ESG messaging and corporate narrative
  • Create and manage corporate ESG disclosure strategy and material development


Media relations

Today more than ever, trusted news sources can act as a catalyst to drive positive perception of your company, the management team and the important decisions being made to propel growth.

We understand how media operate, how editorial decisions are made and can help insert your company into existing stories or create entirely new ones to support business objectives.

Our services:

  • Thought leadership and executive profiling
  • Media strategy
  • Media relations
  • Executive briefing and preparation
  • Media training
  • Media monitoring

Social and digital media IR campaigns

It’s impossible to ignore the rise of the retail investor. In fact, US retail investors invested $1 trillion+ into equities worldwide in 2021 alone, more than the last 20 years combined.

We can help you reach this audience and get discovered by retail investors through a variety of channels.

Social Media

Tell your story on platforms where retail investors go for information to guide decision-making, and leverage the distribution of established networks to stand out.  

Our services:

  • Communications strategy
  • Content development: strategic narratives with themed posts
  • Social amplification (paid campaigns)
  • Community management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Social listening/competitor audits

Digital Media

Execute highly measurable direct-to-retail investor communications through focused digital advertising campaigns to drive qualified traffic to your company’s owned assets.

Our services:

  • Always-on and project-based campaigns
  • Platform recommendation: Google, Reddit, Native, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meta
  • Copy development
  • Campaign planning, management and optimization
  • Measurement and reporting

Crisis and issues management:

Reputational damage can erode market confidence and have lasting impact on public companies. Our team of expert communicators and capital markets professionals who serve as a proxy for your shareholders can help anticipate market reaction and sensitively manage the narrative.


  • Communications audits
  • Strategy development
  • Positioning, messaging and scripting
  • Prepping and simulation exercises